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About Us

SMS Factory was found in 2006, located in Chennai. SMS Factory is a mobile services and IT Value Add company providing cross carrier SMS services to business and Services across the Globe. We help Retailers, Organizations, Brands, and Services to integrate SMS as vital part of their Communication and marketing matrix. We provide a platform to advertising and direct marketing companies to carry out in house mobile marketing campaigns for their clients.

With our cost-effective approach, using our product and moulding it into exactly what your company needs is not only an economically beneficial process, but also one that ultimately adds an intensive marketing momentum to your company.

Our company philosophy has always focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. SMS Factory carries products and services with the finest value and quality that can help your Business.

Our SMS Partner

Bulk SMS - MSG91


We have Complete Solution for your Mobile Marketing (SMS)

Promotional SMS

Web Based service send SMS directly from any PC that has Internet access, Where a user id & password will be given. Users can send messages to the list of mobile numbers can be in the form of excel or text file.

3 Steps - Login,Type & Send
Web Based Interface
Phone Book
Group SMS
Personalize SMS
Live Delivery Reports
DND Scrubing

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS allows the customer to send messages to DND (Do not disturb) registered numbers provided the content of the message is transactional/service in nature & not promotional.

SMS-es can be sent to subscribers 24x7.
6 Digit Sender ID will be provided.
Messages sent in High Priority.
Simple Process – Login Type Send.
Online Application, No software required.
Message Scheduling Also available.


Opt in SMS Solution is where the subscribers have themselves opted to receive the messages from a particular company/entity. In this solution the messages are sent to subscribers after their full consent and once they have opted for the messages. Opt in SMS Solution is used to send only to particular numbers and not for Marketing Purposes.

SMS-es can be sent to subsribers 24x7
6 Digit Sender ID will be provided
Online Application, No software required.
Message Scheduling Also available
Personalized SMS through Web interface or Excel Plug in
Messages sent in High Priority

Short Code

Short codes, are special telephone numbers, significantly shorter than full telephone numbers, which can also be used to address SMS messages from mobile phones. Shortcodes are usually 5 digits (e.g. 56767). They are designed to be shorter to read out and easier to remember than normal telephone numbers. Short codes are widely used for value-added services such as Lead Generation, television voting, ordering ringtones, charity donations and mobile services.

Easy to remember.
Auto reply at lightning speed.
Free auto reply.
300 messages per second throughput on incoming messages.
Best tool for lead generation.
Extended client reach and improved customer loyalty.
Improve information channel for customers.

2 Way SMS

A Virtual Mobile Number is a 10 Digit Mobile Number 9845XXXXXX enables your business or organisation to receive inbound SMS text messages from any mobile user on any mobile network, worldwide.

A Virtual Mobile Number is designed to receive SMS text messages without the need for a GSM device or SIM card. Messages that are sent to a VMN are received by our network and we then forward them on to our customers by email or HTTP without the need for any new hardware or software.

Mobile users pay their standard network charges to send an SMS text message to a VMN and it is free for you to receive inbound SMS messages.

No Premium SMS Charges
99.99 % Up Time
24/7 Support.


SMS Factory currently work with over 10,000 businesses & organizations of various sizes and industry sectors. At SMS Factory, we are always ready to expand our business and join hands with right Partners, for this we are looking for Channel Partners or SMS resellers in India who can join this movement for mutually beneficial and healthy business relationship.

If you’re interested in becoming part of this growing Bulk SMS Reseller Industry in India and feel that yours’ is an ideal business to promote SMS Factory products and services; then you may be perfect fit for our Channel Partner program.

services to SMS Resellers in India

1. Bulk SMS Services
2. Short Code services on 56263.
3. Long code Services (Virtual Number)
4. SMS Gateway with APIs (HTTP, SMPP)
5. SMS Contest, Polling & Voting Application
6. Customized Applications on SMS

Key Benefits

Own SMS website and Brand Name
Make your own Channel Partners or Reseller to increase market share
Give you own service offerings
Fully-customizable UI that displays your own logo, company name, contact information etc.
Web based interface that is accessible from anywhere
Define your own pricing
Detailed Customer Specific Statistics
Platform Usage Reporting
Reliable Commercial-Grade Platform
Recurring Income And Revenue

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